I'm just a lazy college student with a passion for crafting things in video games and making video games about crafting.


Watch me play Smite because I’m lonely and Tumblr is good for that.

I’ve been off of Tumblr for like two weeks and the longer I stay away, the harder it is to bring myself to get back on it.

First of all, I would like to say that your game is very interesting and has alot of potential! But, I do have some questions. Is the potion system implemented yet? I've seen that I can make potions like green broths and the unknown ones, but aside from the random debuffs and buffs given by the unidentifiable ones, do the others do anything? I haven't gotten very far in the game (I just got all the adamantite tools), But when I click on "Drink" it doesn't do anything. Great game, and thanks!

The potions are all supposed to work but that word has really lost all significance at this point.

hi its me i posted about spells a long time ago and you should be able to build something where you combine runes and get spells upgrades allow you to use more runes and use more spells at a time! btw add bows, staves, archers and wizards! (for the new weapons)
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Unfortunately Clicksmith is in its downswing as I’m required to move onto different work if I’m going to make a proper career out of being a game designer (Though I’m not saying I’m completely done working on it.). The features you’re requesting are a little too involved at this point in the game’s life cycle and to be honest, the bit about the runes sounds just a retextured version of the potion-brewing found in the cauldron.

How do you use coal? Right now you can mine it, but it's not letting me put any in the forge. Also, is there a list of cauldron recipes?
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You need to break the coal ore up into lumps of coal using the workshop. This was done for the sake of balance. Otherwise, coal would severely out-power all of the other fuels.

Cauldron recipes are any 1 monster loot + any 1 gem dust.

Oh wow. How many gamerscores do I get.

Oh wow. How many gamerscores do I get.

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My laptop likes to poop on me all the time and I was wondering how do you save?
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It saves every 30 seconds, but you can also go to the main menu and click ‘Save game’ to save manually, or ‘Export game’ to get a save string you can import elsewhere at your whimsy.

Where is the game you speak of? Totally can't find it.
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It’s right here. All of my link posts lead to this.

And I might as well use this to say to everyone, I don’t know what’s happening to Clicksmith right now, developmentally. I want to continue with it, because it’s the first thing I’ve really¬†made, though stopping working on it wouldn’t really undo that. But I have upcoming work that requires me to gain solid knowledge of C#. I’m notoriously bad at multitasking projects. I don’t want one to get in the way of the other. Bear with me while I figure things out. At the very least I’m going to try and stamp bugs and put in a little prestige system.

where do i make bronze?
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Throw copper and tin into the forge in a ratio of 3:1.

Happy birthday!
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Oh no. The secret is out.